Penggemar Ais

Sunday, March 14, 2010

early morning


after longtime no update,here i am.little update.i am just busy with my fyp.sooner will finish my study.there will beginning of new life.working life.hopefully i manage to get job ASAP.nothing much to say.i got so many things to do within short period of time.

here and there.i also wanna say regarding attitude of some people.selfish.i am tired of helping others.i don't expect something in return.but do appreciate.more over, it is something that hardly to be accept if it is from someone that you close to.they may not noticing it,may be.simple thing.but..erm..i don't understand people,don't help people.useless.they are selfish actually.

live life cool.ignore unnecessary thingy.move on.they don't give money either.move on.i hate this part.PENJUAL IKAN.