Penggemar Ais

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I am tired of being tired..


I'm kind of no idea where to start..its quite long time i didn't post any entry here..its not that i am not into blog already but i have not enough time to post any entry.i still did blog walking as usual to read up others experience and their thoughts on certain issue. it is so interesting to me to get to know different points of view from others in walking through their life.

I'm bit busy this semester even the class schedule is not pack. however, there are so many task to be done which are assignments, presentations and revision for tests. unfortunately, i don't know why i am so lazy this semester but i try not too much being in that way. i have to wake up and being noticed that i should finish all the task being given. and last night, suddenly i am not really feeling well, got cold and headache. i try to be positive and still awake until 1.30 am to finish my slides for ENT presentation, being ready for ENV presentation and read up my group's journal for MLT559. i need to be strong for myself. i hope i will be fine soon and everything's back to normal. it is just not quite good for me for not feeling well at this moment with so many thing to be done. and alhamdulillah, there are signs of getting well and my body temperature is not as high as last nite regarding now (8.11pm) and feel even better. alhamdulillah..

enough talking about studying part, now i would like to share few of my opinions on certain issue that comes up in my mind before and at this moment. i respect people who knows how to respect others. but, i will lost my respect towards people who don't know how to respect others. it is a simple thing.respect. i will not interested to get to know about others' personal stuff because to me, it is their own business.why being bothered???frankly speaking, i really dislikes those being so busy with others personal life. it is not good to make gossips and comments on others personal stuff like it bother you so much and act nicely like you are so concern with it but actually you are not. you just wanted to know in detail what is actually happen and start gossiping behind. what a bad attitude. i know that i might don't have the right to comment on this issue. but i just wanted to point out what i feel inside. OK, that is first issue. second thing that i want to share here is one kind of attitude of people. i won't mentioned specifically what it is. because it is so sensitive. i thought you are good in ............but actually you are not. it is so embarrassing to see those with this attitude. let i keep to myself what i saw within last week. it is so embarrassing again i stated to be smart but actually you are not. might not suitable to talk more on this..i may stop now and try to keep updating this blog...

to everyone, take good care of yourself and try to be good from day to day. we might not a good person enough but we manage to put effort to be good. what's good, we should take as lessons,what's not, just ignore it and try not to be in that way. we may become even better. love yourself so that you got chances to love others.