Penggemar Ais

Tuesday, March 17, 2009



:: As my blog call "A Walk to Remember", thus I would like to share anything here regarding myself especially inner feeling, my personal opinions and anything should be..However, there would not at all going to be reveal here...As I am, I am not type of person easily to tell everything to others accept with those I close to..Quite secretive with strangers or someone I just know..Its bit long time I don't post entry in English..Lack of practicing speak in English cause my English become bad and slowly become worse lately..I feel shame and upset with myself...Thing I notice is lack of vocabulary...I tend to use wrong word at a is so embarrassing.. Especially today..The day I cannot throw out my idea and thought during my class..Hard for me to put in words the feeling inside..The point is, I am so disappointed with myself..There a lot of thing I must change to make things better..Too many weakness within myself..It makes me feel so down...I try to be positive and motivate myself as I could but it seems so hard when it comes to inner part of myself...It is hard to build up the spirit and self confidence..Wish,wish and best wishes for myself for the journey ahead..


:: I am so busy with my life lately as a student whereby I have so many tasks to finish...Most of my time spend more in finishing my assignments..Seriously, the workload make me feel stressful..It seems that this semester is semester of assignment...Each subject got one and certain might having more...Too much work to do at a time with less time to finish...I have been thinking of having extra time with 8 days a week even though it could be impossible to happen...busyness in finishing all those works till no time to do revision...I have receive back most of previous test and it seems it is not up to my target...Kind of demanding and sound expecting too high...But still, I feel thankful with what I got so far...Its just enough but I just want more..BETTER achievement...I manage to make it witout being careless here and there..As an ordinary one, trying to be better each day, really hope that I could improve all the weakness and mistakes I have done in my walks along this journey of complicated life...

p/s: I miss my sweet home damn so much till I could cry whenever have thought on it...x_x

Sunday, March 15, 2009



banyak perkara yang berlaku akhir2 ni..aku ketiadaan mood untuk mengUPDATE blog..walau hakikatnya banyak benda yang ada dalam fikiran aku ni..aku rasa sangat tertekan sem ni..asginment sangatla banyak..pastu nanti tetiba nak buat test..sekarang ni dah jadi cam mesin membuat asignment..belajarnya tak lagi..camno ni???agagaga...dateline yang paling dekat adala proposal, pastu asgnment lab management..esok aku ada dictation jugak..24 jam itu macam tak cukup..bolehka 8 hari seminggu...haha..mengarut ja aku ni..hoho..camna la aku nak siapkan semua2 ni..ada certain subject tu sampai ada 2 asgnment..then ada presentation lagi..gulp...abisla aku..satu apa pun xsiap lagi...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Early Morning


aku mohon maaf kiranya aku kurang concern dan rasa hati untuk post entry di blogspot walhal blogku di vox sering di update..tapi setelah aku berjaya mengEDIT layout blogspot ku..kini mungkin aku akan slowly berhijrah ke blogspot ini..